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Make a captivating statement at your matric farewell with our "Charming" hand bouquet. This enchanting arrangement combines the dramatic beauty of black pampas grass with the vibrant allure of red gerbera. The contrasting colors and textures create a striking visual impact, ensuring you stand out from the crowd. With its elegant and unique design, the "Charming" hand bouquet exudes sophistication and adds a touch of glamour to your matric farewell ensemble. Let this bouquet be a reflection of your individuality and leave a lasting impression on this special occasion.

Evelyn’s Joy

"Step into the enchanting realm of 'Evelyn,' where emotions are painted in petals and verses. Please note:  Subject to availability: The sleeve in the image and the flowers(since it has seasons). We’ll contact you if there will be any change and replace it with something of your choosing

Gentleman Buttonhole

Elevate your matric farewell look with our "Gentleman" boutonniere. Handcrafted with precision and style, this exquisite accessory features a stunning red gerbera accented with delicate pampas and lush ruscus. The vibrant color of the gerbera adds a pop of sophistication, while the elegant greenery provides a touch of natural beauty. The "Gentleman" boutonniere is the perfect finishing touch to your formal attire, adding a touch of charm and flair to your lapel. Make a statement on your special night with this elegant and distinguished boutonniere.