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Best of Both

Experience the "Best of Both" with our exquisite arrangement, a perfect blend of beauty and indulgence that will leave them feeling truly spoiled. Encased in an elegant black box, this arrangement offers the best of both worlds. On one side, delicate soft pink proteas and lisianthus create a vision of serenity and grace. Each bloom whispers tales of affection, promising to brighten their day with their gentle beauty. But that's not all—on the other side awaits a delightful surprise. A bottle of wine and luxurious Lindt chocolates await, adding a touch of indulgence and decadence to this already extraordinary gift. Whether she chooses to sip and savour or admire and enjoy, they will feel pampered and cherished with every sip and bite. With our "Best of Both" arrangement, you're giving the ultimate treat—a harmonious symphony of flowers and delights that reflect the depth of your love and gratitude.


"Beulah" is this month's steal-deal. "Add to cart" would be the perfect way to make someone's day.

Blissful Love Hand Bouquet

Experience the enchantment of our hand bouquets in our exquisite wedding collection. Each bouquet is carefully crafted to capture the essence of love and celebration. From classic white roses to vibrant mixed blooms, our hand bouquets offer a variety of options to suit every wedding theme and style. Whether you're dreaming of a romantic garden wedding or a modern and chic affair, our hand bouquets will add a touch of elegance to your special day. With meticulous attention to detail and the freshest flowers, our bouquets are designed to make a statement as you walk down the aisle. Choose from our stunning selection of hand bouquets and let us create a floral masterpiece that reflects your unique love story.

Bloomin’ Best

Nestled in a charming wooden case, this arrangement features a beautiful array of pink roses and delicate gypsophila (gyp) on one side, exuding elegance and grace. On the other side luxurious bath bombs and soothing Epsom salt await, promising a spa-like retreat in the comfort of her own home. Each element of this arrangement is carefully chosen to complement one another, making it a perfect gift. Imagine her joy as she unwraps this thoughtful gift, greeted by the sweet fragrance of roses and the promise of a serene, pampering escape.

Blushing Beauty

Experience the magic of the Blushing Beauty bouquet, a mesmerizing blend of delicate blooms. Don't hesitate – order now and let this captivating arrangement express your love and gratitude with its enchanting dance of two-tone roses, charming tulips, and alluring peach gerberas. Please note: Product images represents our ‘Larger Variation’. The medium option will be slightly smaller.  Subject to availability: The sleeve in the image and the flowers(since it has seasons). We'll contact you if there will be any change and replace it with something of your choosing

Bobo Heart

Who doesn't love a balloon on Valentines? Spoil your loved one, this Valentine's Day.

Box of Gratitude

Introducing our "Box of Gratitude" – a stunning expression nestled in a charming pink box, is bursting with an array of flowers in shades of pink, creating a vision of sheer elegance and tenderness. At the heart of this arrangement lie the vibrant red roses, symbolizing deep love, while the delicate white lisianthus adds a touch of purity and grace. Each bloom is carefully selected and expertly arranged to convey warmth, affection, and gratitude.


Elevate your matric farewell look with our "Breathtaking" hand bouquet. This exquisite arrangement features a captivating combination of pennygum, delicate million star flowers, and the timeless beauty of red and cream roses. The rich greenery of the pennygum perfectly complements the romantic hues of the roses, creating a stunning contrast that will turn heads as you make your entrance. With its elegant design and enchanting colors, our "Breathtaking" hand bouquet is the perfect accessory to enhance your matric farewell attire and make a lasting impression on this memorable night.


Elevate your matric farewell attire with our "Brilliance" wrist corsage. This exquisite accessory features a pristine white rose as the focal point, accentuated by delicate sea holly and elegant pennygum. The combination of these stunning blooms creates a captivating and sophisticated look that will make you shine throughout the evening. With its meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, the "Brilliance" wrist corsage adds a touch of glamour and elegance to your wrist, ensuring you make a lasting impression on this special occasion.


Make a captivating entrance at your matric farewell with our "Captivating" mixed hand posy. This stunning arrangement combines the timeless elegance of white roses with the lush greenery of ruscus. The contrast between the delicate blooms and the rich foliage creates a visually striking and sophisticated look. Our "Captivating" hand posy is the perfect accessory to complete your ensemble and make a lasting impression on this special night.

Card Holder

Unleash your inner florist with our sensational floristry product collection! 🌼 From versatile floral tape to essential pins, Oasis, Oasis trays, and nourishing flower food, we have everything you need to bring your floral creations to life. Elevate your flower arranging skills and let your creativity bloom with our top-quality floristry products. Whether you’re a professional florist or a passionate DIY enthusiast, our collection is designed to inspire and empower you to create stunning floral masterpieces. Let your imagination run wild and embrace the art of floristry with Bunches for Africa! 🌸💐