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A Treat For You

Pringles, Ou Plaas Biltong 50g, Ou Plaas Droëwors 100g, Bar One, Choc Stix, Sorbet Man 3-in-1 shower gel.  

Best of Both

Experience the "Best of Both" with our exquisite arrangement, a perfect blend of beauty and indulgence that will leave them feeling truly spoiled. Encased in an elegant black box, this arrangement offers the best of both worlds. On one side, delicate soft pink proteas and lisianthus create a vision of serenity and grace. Each bloom whispers tales of affection, promising to brighten their day with their gentle beauty. But that's not all—on the other side awaits a delightful surprise. A bottle of wine and luxurious Lindt chocolates await, adding a touch of indulgence and decadence to this already extraordinary gift. Whether she chooses to sip and savour or admire and enjoy, they will feel pampered and cherished with every sip and bite. With our "Best of Both" arrangement, you're giving the ultimate treat—a harmonious symphony of flowers and delights that reflect the depth of your love and gratitude.

Bloomin’ Best

Nestled in a charming wooden case, this arrangement features a beautiful array of pink roses and delicate gypsophila (gyp) on one side, exuding elegance and grace. On the other side luxurious bath bombs and soothing Epsom salt await, promising a spa-like retreat in the comfort of her own home. Each element of this arrangement is carefully chosen to complement one another, making it a perfect gift. Imagine her joy as she unwraps this thoughtful gift, greeted by the sweet fragrance of roses and the promise of a serene, pampering escape.

Joy Collection

Introducing the exquisite Joy Collection, a delightful assortment of vibrant flowers and delectable treats, thoughtfully curated to celebrate and pamper the special person in your life. This stunning arrangement features: Bold Red Proteas: These eye-catching, uniquely textured blooms take centre stage in this bouquet. Delicate Pink Slangbos: Adding a touch of whimsy and charm, these lovely pink flowers seamlessly blend with the other blooms. Fresh Pennygum: The lush green foliage of pennygum accentuates the vivid colours of the flowers, creating a harmonious and visually appealing arrangement. Paired with an irresistible selection of sweet treats, this hamper includes: Mallow Puffs Toasted Coconut: Soft, fluffy marshmallow treats coated in toasted coconut for a delightful burst of flavour and texture. Angels Biscuits: Deliciously light and buttery biscuits that simply melt in your mouth, perfect for enjoying with a warm cup of tea. Toffee Bars Wording Asst and Toffee Mix Bix Asst: A scrumptious assortment of toffees with various flavours, textures, and shapes to satisfy any sweet tooth. All these treasures come nestled within a charming wooden basket, perfect for repurposing as a stylish storage solution or decorative piece in any home. Don't let this opportunity pass by to express your love and gratitude. Order the Joy Collection now, and surprise them with a heartfelt gift that they truly deserves!

Nurturing Embrace

Introducing the Nurturing Embrace Basket, a thoughtful and pampering gift that captures the essence of love and appreciation for the incredible person in your life. This delightful arrangement features: Delicate Pink Revival Roses: These tender pink blooms signify grace, admiration, and appreciation. Charming Lilac Roses: Adding an air of enchantment and elegance, the lilac roses express love at first sight. Soft Gyp: The delicate, cloud-like texture of gyp adds a dreamy quality to the bouquet, symbolizing purity and everlasting love. Rich Ruscus: This lush green foliage creates a beautiful contrast against the gentle flowers, grounding the arrangement and representing endurance. Paired with a luxurious selection of pampering products, this hamper includes:
  • Oh So Heavenly Body Wash: A fragrant and refreshing body wash that gently cleanses and revitalizes the skin.
  • Oh So Heavenly Body Lotion: A nourishing lotion that hydrates and softens the skin, leaving it silky smooth and delicately scented.
  • Oh So Heavenly Uplifting Bath Salts: Transform bath time into a soothing and revitalizing experience with these uplifting bath salts.
  • Shower Loofa: A soft, gentle loofa perfect for lathering and exfoliating the skin, enhancing the shower experience.
All these indulgent treats come nestled within a wooden box, perfect for repurposing as a stylish storage solution or decorative piece in any home. Don't wait—order now and create an unforgettable memory that will leave them feeling loved, cherished, and rejuvenated!

Radiance Basket

Presenting the Radiance Basket, a vibrant and heart-warming combination of enchanting flowers and delightful snacks. This captivating arrangement features: Sunny Yellow Roses: These cheerful blooms convey the warmth and appreciation you feel for the special person, brightening their day with the radiant hue. Vivacious Orange and Red Gerberas: These lively flowers bring a burst of energy and joy to the bouquet. Lush Greenery and Fillers: The addition of Pennygum, Viburnum, Million Star, Sprays, and Lilies creates a lush, full-bodied arrangement that perfectly complements the vibrant flowers. Accompanied by a tempting assortment of treats, this hamper includes: 5 Star Choc, Pringles 100g, Appletiser 100% Apple Juice 330ml, Nougat, Droë Wors 100g, Plain Slices Beef 50g, Cadbury Slab Fruit & Nut, Fruit Pastilles, Jungle Mix, and Mixed Nuts Exotic: A mouth-watering selection of sweet and savoury snacks that cater to every craving, perfect for sharing or indulging in quiet moments of relaxation. All these delightful items come beautifully arranged within an elegant wooden basket, ideal for a decorative accent in any home.

Don't hesitate—order now to surprise them with a gorgeous and memorable gift that will bring a smile to their face.

Way To The Heart

Pringles, Ou Plaas Biltong 50g, Ou Plaas Droëwors 100g, 5 Star chocolate, Wedgewood Angels Biscuits, Appletiser 330ml, Mixed Nuts Exotic.