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Bunches for Africa (Western Cape) (Pty) Ltd was established in 2001 by Jaco & Cindy Fischer. We aim to supply the freshest and largest variety of flowers in Cape Town. We are passionate about our work and are committed to surpassing your expectations.

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Bunches for Africa is a family-owned wholesale and retail florist founded in 2001 by Jaco and Cindy Fischer. Their passion for offering the finest quality and most diverse selection of fresh-cut flowers and all related products in the Western Cape has driven the success of their flourishing business. The Fischer's relocated to the Northern Suburbs to launch Bunches for Africa, inspired by their love for Cape Town and recognizing a demand for exceptional floral services. We take pride in supporting local flower growers, ensuring our clients always have access to the freshest, most exquisite flowers with twice-daily deliveries. Our 1300 square meter warehouse in Brackenfell offers a vast range of unique flowers and arrangements for weddings, functions, funerals, and any other occasion. Experience the enchanting world of Bunches for Africa and let the beauty of nature's masterpieces brighten your life with our commitment to top-quality products and great service..

Mother's Day

"Life doesn't come with a manual.

It comes with a mother."

Divine Beauty

Unveil the Divine Beauty arrangement, an exquisite masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of love and gratitude for an extraordinary woman. Act now and make her day unforgettable with this breathtaking ensemble of vibrant cerise tulips, elegant pink roses, and captivating burgundy gerberas. Ceramic pot included in the price.

Best of Both

Experience the "Best of Both" with our exquisite arrangement, a perfect blend of beauty and indulgence that will leave Mom feeling truly spoiled. Encased in an elegant black box, this arrangement offers the best of both worlds, ensuring a Mother's Day she won't soon forget. On one side, delicate soft pink proteas and lisianthus create a vision of serenity and grace, embodying the tender love and appreciation we hold for Mom. Each bloom whispers tales of affection, promising to brighten her day with their gentle beauty. But that's not all—on the other side awaits a delightful surprise. A bottle of Protea Rose wine and luxurious Lindt chocolates await, adding a touch of indulgence and decadence to this already extraordinary gift. Whether she chooses to sip and savour or admire and enjoy, Mom will feel pampered and cherished with every sip and bite. With our "Best of Both" arrangement, you're giving Mom the ultimate treat—a harmonious symphony of flowers and delights that reflect the depth of your love and gratitude. Because she deserves nothing but the best, today and every day.

Box of Gratitude

Introducing our "Box of Gratitude" – a stunning expression of love and appreciation for the extraordinary mothers in our lives. This grand arrangement, nestled in a charming pink box, is bursting with an array of flowers in shades of pink, creating a vision of sheer elegance and tenderness. At the heart of this arrangement lie the vibrant red roses, symbolizing deep love and admiration, while the delicate white lisianthus adds a touch of purity and grace. Each bloom is carefully selected and expertly arranged to convey warmth, affection, and gratitude. Imagine the joy on Mom's face as she receives this magnificent display of love and appreciation. Whether she places it on her dining table, mantelpiece, or bedside, the "Box of Gratitude" will serve as a constant reminder of the love and gratitude that surround her. Celebrate Mom in style this Mother's Day with our exquisite "Box of Gratitude" arrangement. Because sometimes, saying "thank you" just isn't enough.


Mom, you're ferntastic, and this bouquet is just as fabulous as you are! Embrace Mom's incredible spirit with our captivating "Ferntastic Bouquet," a stunning fusion of beauty and vibrancy that mirrors her remarkable presence in our lives. Featuring lush green fern branches that whisper of nature's serenity, complemented by the bold allure of cerise pink roses and burnt orange and pink gerbera daisies, this arrangement is a celebration of her undeniable grace and strength. And to top it all off, the sleeve of this bouquet boasts a rose gold rim, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication, just like Mom herself. As the light dances off the shimmering accents, it's a radiant reminder of the love and admiration we hold for her. So this Mother's Day, let Mom know just how ferntastic she truly is with our exquisite bouquet, because her love is the vibrant heartbeat of our lives, filling every moment with joy and beauty.

Oh so Lovely

Introducing our "Oh So Lovely" bouquet—a dreamy concoction of delicate blooms that exude charm and grace, just like Mom herself. Embrace the ethereal beauty of this bouquet, where light blue delphiniums dance alongside pink lisianthus, peach gerbera daisies, and pristine white roses. As the soft hues intertwine, they create a mesmerizing symphony of color and texture, evoking feelings of warmth, love, and serenity. Each bloom is carefully selected to convey a message of admiration and appreciation for the extraordinary woman who brightens our lives with her presence. Make Mom's day truly special with our "Oh So Lovely" bouquet—a radiant expression of love and gratitude that captures the essence of her beauty and grace. Because she deserves nothing less than the most enchanting blooms to brighten her day.

Queen of Hearts

Behold the regal elegance of our "Queen of Hearts" bouquet—a majestic arrangement fit for the queen of your heart. Featuring bold and magnificent proteas, each bloom exudes a sense of strength and resilience, mirroring the unwavering love and devotion Mom embodies. Accompanied by delicate pennygum foliage, this bouquet is a symbol of enduring affection and admiration. Treat Mom to the royal treatment she deserves with our "Queen of Hearts" bouquet—a tribute to her majesty and the everlasting bond you share.

Colour my World

Illuminate Mom's world with our radiant "Colour My World" arrangement, a vivid tribute to the irreplaceable hues she adds to our lives. Bursting with vibrant energy, this bouquet features bright orange and red gerbera daisies, symbolizing the warmth and joy she brings to every moment. Intertwined with these lively blooms are stunning purple lisianthus, echoing the depth and grace of her love. And like the sun rising on a clear morning, golden sunflowers stand tall, embodying the radiance and strength of her spirit. Carefully arranged in a woven basket, each bloom speaks volumes of appreciation for the kaleidoscope of colors Mom brings to our world. From the kitchen table to the living room mantle, this arrangement will serve as a constant reminder of her boundless love and unwavering presence. Brighten Mom's day with our "Colour My World" bouquet, because she's the artist who paints our world with love, laughter, and endless hues of happiness

Thanks a Bunch

Say "Thanks a Bunch" in the most vibrant way possible with our radiant bouquet bursting with gratitude and cheer. This colorful ensemble features a dazzling array of bright orange and red gerbera daisies, adding a pop of warmth and energy to any room they grace. Paired with the regal charm of bright purple lisianthus and the sunny disposition of golden sunflowers, this bouquet is a celebration of joy and appreciation. So go ahead, say "Thanks a Bunch" with our vibrant bouquet, because Mom deserves all the love and appreciation in the world for everything she does.


Pots and vases included in the price

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