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Rose Romantica

Embark on a journey of romance with "Rose Romantica." Red Roses, the eternal symbols of love, entwine with the gentle embrace of Pennygum. This bouquet is not just an arrangement; it's a love poem written in petals, a testament to the deep and enduring connection you share. Let "Rose Romantica" be the muse for your love story, a bouquet that speaks the language of the heart. PLEASE NOTE: The product image showcases a Rose Romantica of 18 red roses.

I Choose You

"I choose you" is not just an arrangement; it's a declaration. Red Roses, the eternal symbol of love, stand tall amid oasis, creating a timeless expression. And as an extra touch, Ferrero Rocher chocolates are sprinkled, making this arrangement not just beautiful but indulgent. With "I choose you," let your choice be as clear and sweet as the red roses and chocolates it holds.


"Bella" is beauty captured in an arrangement. Protea and Protea Albies stand tall, surrounded by the classic Red Rose. Pan Grass and Pennygum add a touch of wild beauty to this unique creation. It's not just an arrangement; it's a statement of nature's exquisite elegance. Let "Bella" be the expression of the beauty that blooms in love, a unique arrangement that speaks volumes


"L'amour," meaning love, is beautifully expressed in this arrangement. Red Roses stand proud, embraced by the gentle foliage of Pennygum and the deep hues of Latfolia Purple. It's an arrangement that encapsulates the essence of love in every petal. Experience the language of love with "L'amour," an arrangement that whispers sweet nothings through its blooms.

Liefde Wen

"Liefde Wen" translates to 'Love Wins,' and in this arrangement, love indeed triumphs. Pennygum provides the backdrop for a striking mix of Red Roses, Revival Roses, and Cerise/Plum Roses. Red Brunia adds texture, while the Half Oasis ensures longevity. As a sweet touch, Ferrero Rocher chocolates are carefully placed, making this arrangement a winning declaration of love. Declare your love with "Liefde Wen," an arrangement where love not only wins but blooms in the most beautiful way.

My Sunshine

Illuminate your love story with "My Sunshine" bouquet. Infused with the golden glow of Sunflowers, the passionate allure of Red Gerberas, and the delicate dance of Hyppo, this arrangement captures the warmth of your affection. Viburnum and Pennygum add a touch of freshness, making it a symphony of love. Gift "My Sunshine" to your special someone and watch as your love blossoms like a sun-kissed field.

Forever Yours

Capture the essence of everlasting love with "Forever Yours." The Revival Pink Roses, Aralea, and the timeless Red Roses create a symphony of hues that express the depth of your affection. Pennygum adds a touch of elegance, making this bouquet a timeless declaration of love. In the language of flowers, "Forever Yours" speaks volumes about a love that transcends time and space.

Red Fiesta

"Red Fiesta" celebrates love in every shade of red. The passionate Red Roses, accompanied by the gentle Pennygum, create a lively dance of colour and emotion. This budget-friendly bouquet is perfect for expressing your love with flair and style. Bring the vibrancy of romance into your life with "Red Fiesta" – where love meets celebration.

Trendy Love

Dive into the heartbeat of modern romance with our "Trendy Love" bouquet. The classic Red Roses are reimagined in a contemporary dance with Pennygum and the whimsical elegance of Pampas. This arrangement is not just a bouquet; it's a statement, a celebration of love that keeps pace with the rhythm of the times. For love that's as stylish as it is timeless, "Trendy Love" is your perfect choice. PLEASE NOTE: The product image showcases a Trendy Love of 18 red roses.